Perth to the Château

We set off more or less on time and the trip down to the Tunnel port was remarkably straight-forward.

Adam found a new friend…

The boys got comfortable…

And there was a bit of an unfortunate pile up…

We had time for a quick nap…

Before boarding the train to speed under the channel…

If you’d like to see some more photos, why not nip over to Perth Academy’s flickr stream… you can find it by clicking on this link  Perth Academy Flickr

There’s much much more to come, so please stay tuned!


And we’re off!

2 More Sleeps!

We’re almost set for departure. Officially it’s 2 more sleeps… but I have this sneaking suspicion that there may be a few of our party who have difficulty in dropping off on Thursday night! 😉

We have taken delivery of the wreath for next Tuesday’s Ceremony at the Menin Gate. Mr Smith is seen handing it over to two of our party.

Please feel free to post any questions as comments… we will answer them as soon as possible!

PS: I’ve given the pupils 2 phone numbers you can use to contact us with while away… please drop me a line if you haven’t yet received them!

Keeping Up-To-Date!

We will be doing our best to give you regular updates once we set off and as well as this blog, we will be trying to update using Twitter. If you want to hear the latest, you will need to follow the pacad twitter account (http://twitter.com/pacad).

We’ll also be posting some photos to the pacad flickr account as well… details to follow!

BF2010 Is Almost Here!

Just a few weeks to go… you can download the newsletter by clicking on the picture…

BF2010 Feb-Mar Newsletter

ClosR Widget

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Flanders Files

This is the cover for the CD of the Soundtrack of In Flanders Fields museum. If you ever get the chance you are highly recommended to visit it!